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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Reseller is the one way to make extra money online

What is reseller? (at
Reseller is a middleman; one who buys merchandise to resell it at a profit.
Resellers: (
These organizations, also known within some industries as intermediaries, distributors or dealers, generally purchase or take ownership of products from the marketing company with the intention of selling to others.
Why reseller is simple way for make extra money because we do not need to make the factory, making products only marketing, market building and managing sales management and enjoy incredible benefits.
Is hard to build market share? Now with the internet it's easier, if the capital only a few steps early enough to blog for free, and provide product information for your business, advertise on various websites for free advertising, growing blogs links to many sites like facebook, google group, yahoo group, friendster, blogwalking and others. If this step is less use of brochures, leaflets and distribute them offline.
My tips to make you a good reseller is to choose a quality product, has a large market share and needed a lot of people are always constantly. You can choose product reseller complete Resale Right (RR) or Master Resale Right (MRR). If I am given the choice I would choose the product with MRR, why? The master resale rights give you the same rights PLUS you can also sell the resale rights to your buyer.
This means someone who purchase the product from you, can also sell the products and keep 100% of the profits. Even you have the master resale rights for a product, you will need to see if there are any other restriction to the product. Some product with master resale right can not be given away, can not be put in paid membership site, or sold in auction site. While Products that came with resale rights means that you can sell the product to just about anyone and keep 100% of the profit but you can NOT give the resale rights when you sell this type of products.
This is sample MRR product from Indonesia, that product called Crystal – X. Crystal – X only for adult women, organic content and only from Indonesia. One function is Improve; Repairing, activating and flexing again vagina membrane muscles which have not function maximally (the simple your wife back like a virgin everyday). See detail complete function at (English Language), if you Indonesian women klik at

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