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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Star Fire - Arcade and Action Extra Games Online

New extra games online about star fire. You must defend earth against waves of alien ships. They have came from a vast area of space known as QUARI. Their mission is to expand their territory and conquer mineral rich planet.
You get points for destroying enemies and the distance you've gone.
You can play this game at home or in the office when you're not working or want to unwind and relax for a moment. Good luck

Fish Tycoon, Strategy Extra Games Online

In this fish-breeding simulation game, you're in charge of your own real-time virtual aquarium and fish store. Unwind through the underwater scenery through this game


Miminost, Train Children to Learn to Work - Online Extra Games

Best extra games online for children, young man, young girl, etc. How to teach children to work, train social sensitivity in children.

Brief discription:
Get back your snacks from a squirrel by chasing it across a variety of different levels. Use your wits to progress past obstacles!
Statistic player today: 1,275 people


Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate ® - Extra Games Online

This extra games online, A mysterious fortune teller has foreseen her demise at midnight this very day. Can you find the soul who seeks to kill Madame Fate? You be the detective.
Player this game until today : 11,162 people


This Extra Games Online named: My Kingdom for the Princess - Online

Simple disctiption for this extra games online:
It's up to you, Arthur, a brave knight, to restore the land and escort Princess Helen back to her father, King Olgert.

Step by step to play this extra games:
click play now at right mouse "open new tab".

Sprill and Ritchie: Adventures Extra Games - Online

Sprill and Ritchie are back in an all-new Hidden Object game that will tickle your funny bone as much as it teases your brain!
Sprill and Ritchie Including most favorite extra games online for the category of player adventures.Statistik until today there are 12.624 people.

BUBBLEZ, Number 1 at Top 10 Extra Games Online, Play Bubblez

Bublez play it simple extra games online. The strategy for this games, you are only required to install fire balloons with the same color balloons others.
This game can also be downloaded for free. Dedicated only for you. Let's prove the ease of play bubblez extra games online.


Make extra money online with game reseller

At the time of economic crisis occurred in all countries, many people became unemployed. Slowdown hit at all the people in their mid to be unemployed. People seek a variety of solutions to keep them extra money to finance their daily lives. Once again, the Internet can be a solution to generate extra money.The game is an alternative way to make extra money from the internet. If you are also interested to make extra money without working hard for it, then you should try to sell back the game (game reseller). Now you do not have to confusion about what the game needs to sell? It's not too important. Begin immediately. Many websites offer to games reseller. This is the best way to earn extra money online because you will get a large commission on each sale you.
There are several sites on the Internet is a wonderful run programs that allow you to start your own web page and download the game software satellite so you can start your business games reseller. This is a great option through which you can not only get great commissions on every game you sell but you can increase the type of commission you make by referring more customers to your website. Ensure opportunities extra money here, start now to make extra money from the internet.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Reseller is the one way to make extra money online

What is reseller? (at
Reseller is a middleman; one who buys merchandise to resell it at a profit.
Resellers: (
These organizations, also known within some industries as intermediaries, distributors or dealers, generally purchase or take ownership of products from the marketing company with the intention of selling to others.
Why reseller is simple way for make extra money because we do not need to make the factory, making products only marketing, market building and managing sales management and enjoy incredible benefits.
Is hard to build market share? Now with the internet it's easier, if the capital only a few steps early enough to blog for free, and provide product information for your business, advertise on various websites for free advertising, growing blogs links to many sites like facebook, google group, yahoo group, friendster, blogwalking and others. If this step is less use of brochures, leaflets and distribute them offline.
My tips to make you a good reseller is to choose a quality product, has a large market share and needed a lot of people are always constantly. You can choose product reseller complete Resale Right (RR) or Master Resale Right (MRR). If I am given the choice I would choose the product with MRR, why? The master resale rights give you the same rights PLUS you can also sell the resale rights to your buyer.
This means someone who purchase the product from you, can also sell the products and keep 100% of the profits. Even you have the master resale rights for a product, you will need to see if there are any other restriction to the product. Some product with master resale right can not be given away, can not be put in paid membership site, or sold in auction site. While Products that came with resale rights means that you can sell the product to just about anyone and keep 100% of the profit but you can NOT give the resale rights when you sell this type of products.
This is sample MRR product from Indonesia, that product called Crystal – X. Crystal – X only for adult women, organic content and only from Indonesia. One function is Improve; Repairing, activating and flexing again vagina membrane muscles which have not function maximally (the simple your wife back like a virgin everyday). See detail complete function at (English Language), if you Indonesian women klik at

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Believe or not, the internet is source of extra money online

You must believe in the phrase 'Internet source of money' because if not, how could you have been to this super web ‘extra money online’?
But you know what many people believe about how to make extra money? That is the work. Yes work. Work requires persistence, perseverance, courage to face risks, willing to learn, to develop his knowledge, had a vision and a clear mission, and so on.In Indonesia, working for a company is a dream of most people in general. But whether they know if works need a degree, and degree of education needs, education costs, costs paid with money and money earned through work. Even if can work, at most only work contracts, and for fresh graduates rarely, most often so sales or product marketing.
In Indonesia, most still rely on working in the office to make money. But others make money with the business, such as copying images of business, restaurant, car rental services, internet rental, sales in the market, opening shops and living needs of others. But for this effort is great need of capital. That if sold. If not sold, you will lose money. Not to mention the consideration of location, electric payments, pay taxes, other factors such as fuel prices continue to rise, unstable raw material prices, difficulties in getting raw materials production and others.
Aware of the bitterness of the street to make extra money, the solution comes from the God. God is All-Just. The solution is Internet. Our country went top five in the world's Internet users. Internet not just to send email, chat, browsing, not just surf the web and find information, but can also be a source of extra money. Conventionally, companies promoting products or services through television, radio, print media and media paste. Same with the internet. Suppose that the internet is a television because now a lot of Internet users as much as the television audience.
In addition to terms of promotion, the Internet also has another advantage which is 24 hours each day. Conventionally, a company is only open at certain hours and
particular day. On the other hand, the Internet also operates automatically, do not need many employees to run a business like the company. And even some of the Internet is digital products that do not need to store the product in stock at the warehouse or distribution. From these facts you can not argue that the Internet has big potential to make money.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Online with internet is a good place for make extra money

Friends... actually you do not need more sad again if you have not been working until now, but with work, or a small salary. If your goal is to work only to find the money and get the extra money income, actually you do not need a headache to find the extra money. Why? because the money is everywhere, wide-spread around us. Many opportunities to earn extra money which is.Only the question ... you do not want to pick it up?
Where is, where is the money located? The answer is many, but here I will only show ONE place among the other places where you can get a lot of extra money. Although only one place, but he can give you money from various places, either from a place near and far from the place that you all. What is the name of that place..? the name of that place is .. INTERNET!

Reasons why the Internet as an alternative way to get extra money is relatively faster, easier, and have a smaller risk than if you start a business in the real world?.
Based on statistics in, we can see that the more people use the internet in the world. 1 According to this site, around the world there are 6,789,627,419 people internet users. Asia is the most user-to 1, followed by Europe and the northern United States. In Indonesia, the Internet also have started a lot of famous people. Internet is not it more difficult for the known and accessible to our society. You know how many internet users in Indonesia. Our country of Indonesia, in order to - as a country of 5 internet users after China, Japan, India and South Korea. Since 2000 until 2009 only the development of internet users in indonesia has increased as much as 1,150.0%, in year 2009 is predicted to be 240,271,522 internet users. What that means ... it means that the appropriate use of the Internet that's growing, so also all forms on the internet the opportunity to grow rapidly. It is your business opportunity LARGE.

What if you promote your business with unique product through online in a country such as Indonesia, with a population so large?, if the product your business is still difficult to create extra money, and remember only through online?


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why need a free blog for extra money online?

One momen to start online business is to create a blog. is one of the service providers to making a free blog. Create a free blog or paid blog is a right decision to start a business online.
Blog as our employees and we can use to create the transaction online.
Free or paid blogs can we use as a sales or marketers, sales will be working for us, sales which will continue to present our business to prospective customers or consumers.
Even when we are working with a job in the real world as it is in our office, our marketing blog still be working without pay from us. The benefits of using free blog as a business on the internet such as Blog is very easy to use by everyone, have a system that is easy to display a new article as writing email, and pages in the Blog is also easier for the index by search engines like Google than usual so that the website more easily and effectively conduct business promotion, product or service (if any) through the blog than the website. And one more, you will get a free traffic from search engines such as Google.
What can be done by a free Blog?
Such as Business in general, to get the revenue should always have goods or services sold. For that you have to sell the goods to get the extra revenue, but not only that. We provide the space for ad placement and installing programs of extra money, and you can refer to the product of your blog readers if you like.