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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Believe or not, the internet is source of extra money online

You must believe in the phrase 'Internet source of money' because if not, how could you have been to this super web ‘extra money online’?
But you know what many people believe about how to make extra money? That is the work. Yes work. Work requires persistence, perseverance, courage to face risks, willing to learn, to develop his knowledge, had a vision and a clear mission, and so on.In Indonesia, working for a company is a dream of most people in general. But whether they know if works need a degree, and degree of education needs, education costs, costs paid with money and money earned through work. Even if can work, at most only work contracts, and for fresh graduates rarely, most often so sales or product marketing.
In Indonesia, most still rely on working in the office to make money. But others make money with the business, such as copying images of business, restaurant, car rental services, internet rental, sales in the market, opening shops and living needs of others. But for this effort is great need of capital. That if sold. If not sold, you will lose money. Not to mention the consideration of location, electric payments, pay taxes, other factors such as fuel prices continue to rise, unstable raw material prices, difficulties in getting raw materials production and others.
Aware of the bitterness of the street to make extra money, the solution comes from the God. God is All-Just. The solution is Internet. Our country went top five in the world's Internet users. Internet not just to send email, chat, browsing, not just surf the web and find information, but can also be a source of extra money. Conventionally, companies promoting products or services through television, radio, print media and media paste. Same with the internet. Suppose that the internet is a television because now a lot of Internet users as much as the television audience.
In addition to terms of promotion, the Internet also has another advantage which is 24 hours each day. Conventionally, a company is only open at certain hours and
particular day. On the other hand, the Internet also operates automatically, do not need many employees to run a business like the company. And even some of the Internet is digital products that do not need to store the product in stock at the warehouse or distribution. From these facts you can not argue that the Internet has big potential to make money.

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